My Cat Fence

Cat Proof Fencing, keeping our cats safe and happy

Why cat proof fences?

We have had our cats since they were kittens. At that time we lived in a quiet cul de sac neighboring a large field. This was such a cat friendly location that many of the local residents had cats. However after a couple of years the field was replaced with over 100 houses and the road became an access road.

Unfortunately during this time several of the local cats were killed and injured by cars. When we moved a year later to an even busier road, we decided we had to do something to protect our cats from suffering a similar fate

During the first few months of living at the new house we discovered a couple of other benefits and requirements of our cat fencing - stopping other animals getting in! We saw foxes in the garden on a number of occasions. On one of the few occasions our cats were allowed out (always when hungry to stop them roaming) one of them got involved in a fight which resulted in a very distressed cat and an expensive vet bill to repair a cut ear!

We put a great deal of effort into choosing a cat proofing system from the options available to us. There seemed to be very little information out there about the system we chose, so we have put together this site showing exactly how we installed our cat proofing system and the challenges we faced in our garden so others can benefit from our knowledge. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We'll keep track the cats reaction and our post installation experiences in the cat fencing diary.