My Cat Fence

Cat Proof Fencing, keeping our cats safe and happy

Choosing the system

Our requirements when choosing a system was not only to keep our cats safely in the garden, but to stop others getting in. The last thing we wanted was all the cats in the neighborhood trapped in our garden fighting! We considered a variety of systems when doing this:

SECUR-A-CAT - our chosen system

Unfortunately there is no website for our chosen system, which is one of the reasons for putting this site together. Roz that runs SECUR-A-CAT is active in quite a few forums, and happy to answer any questions you may have. Follow this link to contact SECUR-A-CAT. Further pictures of the fencing can be found here and here.

This system seemed to offer everything we wanted. It was easy to install. The cost was reasonable, 525 for our garden (140ft). The principle is that cats wont climb the netting as its not stable and they hate anything that isn't stable under foot. Also the angle of te netting would make it very hard for them. The system stops cats getting in the fence as they won't jump over it and into the garden as cats run down fences, rather than jump off them.

Pros: Pretty easy to install, keeps other cats out as well as your cats in. Not expensive

Cons: We has 2 main worries, both have proven to be unfounded. We thought the fence would be an eye sore, but after paiting the brackets a dark green you really don't notice it very much at all. The other was the neighbors reaction, neither of which have minded at all.

Kitty Klips

Drain pipes that are attached to the fence, but lower down on your side, which should stop a cat climbing out over them. This isn't a product you can buy, but an idea of how to contain cats which you can create for yourself. If our shed and coal shed prove to be weak points in our installation (see challenges) we will experiement with this idea.

Pros: Cheap, looks easy to install and if painted would be very discrete.

Cons: Does not stop other cats and animals from getting in the garden, but could stop them from getting out again, therefore potential fights! Not sure how effective this would be once a cat masters it.

Electric / Radio collars -

With this system the cats are fitted with a color that gives them a small electric shock (or 'magnetic correction' as the system vendors call it). You then run a wire around the perimeter of the garden or house and plug it in. If the cats cross this boundary they get the shock. Sometimes they use a radio color, which emits a noise rather than a shock.

Pros: Hidden as buried under ground!

Cons: We had concerns over the electric collars in terms of how humane they are. The RSPCA do not like these systems. We were also concerned that the cats would chase a bird/cat/mouse over the permitted and not be able to get back inside!

The radio ones which do not emit a shock involve lots of training through noise and are better suited to dogs rather than cats. Aparently dogs learn better than cats, thats not to say dogs are more clever than cats....

Purr...fect Cat Fence

This is a mesh fence that you install however it's a full fence rather than just a topping for an existing fence.

Pros: Proven as very hard to get out for even the most agile cat! Can fence off part of a garden if you wish as the fence is a fence in itself.

Cons: Very expensive, looks like a cage, more so that the SECUR-A-CAT fence that we installed. Not sure but think you can only by from USA which could mean an extra customs charge.

Cat Fence-In

Similar to the SECUR-A-CAT system, but the fencing is smaller and angled into the garden.

Pros: Reasonably small attachment to fence.

Cons: Won't stop cats coming in, as its angled down into the garde. Can only purchased from USA so potential customs charges. See the cat fencing videos section to see (what I am pretty sure is) this system in action.


Rotating poles which are attached to the top of your fence, which when touched by a cat, rotate and they cannot grip and get over the fence

Pros: Would not be seen by neighbors and as made out of wood would blend well with any existing fencing.

Cons: Expensive, worried it would not keep our cats in, not as effective at keeping cats out of the garden